Analysis of owners should be how to do outside the chain of Google

In fact, the chain

Google earlier is better, but as more and more webmaster to pursue ranking, the pursuit of high PR value, do a lot of garbage outside the chain, Google is making a difficult decision to remove a lot of irrelevant spam links, and gradually control quality of the chain so, Google chain threshold is more and more high, the chain of Google became Google update PR a direct reference.

look at the picture, this is part of the Google chain of Shanghai dragon and Lu Songsong why screenshots, screenshots can be found through the chain they have the biggest common link is given that most web sites and their related web links, you can also go to the next query mouchangqing blog Google chain, or query other industry site, can be found as long as the chain of Google has more than 70% links are related to the industry and website. read more

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Our pursuit of the highest realm of Shanghai Dragon formlessness

first, I write this article is not to boast of what, also is not to discriminate against Shanghai Longfeng novices those low, I just want to learn some of my experiences to share, let those novices detours, of course if you master the Shanghai dragon will not need to read. Thank you for your support. There are different views also do not spray. The following point not to delay your time.

first secrecy, I believe you have seen "The Legendary Swordsman" this drama! What is the highest realm of sword?! formlessness. So we do Shanghai dragon is the same reason is very simple, do their own website, either inside or outside the station, whether the news or the chain, all from the user’s point of view, vital for the sake of users. Not for the optimization and optimization do not have to cater to the taste of love in Shanghai. Stick with it, as long as the user recognized you. Then love Shanghai will give you. read more

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EU privacy protection agency to suspend the implementation of new privacy requirements of noble baby

Fleischer said that the new policy will not affect the current user’s privacy settings, nobility baby does not collect user more information, just make the noble baby can provide more convenience and better use of existing information to the user service. The new privacy policy to more than 60 different policies of the 1 noble baby.

February 6th International reported that the European Union officials sent a letter to the noble baby, by analyzing the influence on the new privacy policy before the suspension of the implementation of the new privacy policy, but still noble baby without compromise. read more

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Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results a

fourth, indent list: indent list common mode in the noble baby, generally refers to when the search page appears two on the same site, giving the indented. For example, the first and third of your website, so in other search engines will be in accordance with the "relevant degree and the weights of the given analysis and judgment, and the nobles will be indented baby. Often the second words from the results right indent. It can determine the weight of a web page from this aspect, if the weight of the site is poor, would not have this way. read more

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Analysis there is no Shanghai dragon weight ranking has included no flow

: there is no weight ranking

web content can quickly be collected after publication, even some website dream seconds efficiency. Thus, for such a web search engine to give the weights are very high, otherwise the spiders are not 24 hours on the left behind the content page waiting for update. But the blame on the premise, search engines do not have right down why the primary key, even the long tail words are not good rankings? Binary analysis: the theme of the site positioning is not clear or not clear, resulting in the search engine to site categories for accurate positioning by. read more

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According to the analysis of love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon brother temper should do

, love temper two high quality original article

note: the first A5, please indicate the source and author of the website: eye charts www.eyeaa贵族宝贝 thank you.

Three, the chain

please don’t use the "black hat" brother will be very angry, "what is the black hat? Tell you about popular" black hat "," black hat "refers to the use of improper means to optimize your website ranking. For example, hidden links, use of the code to link on the website to see others places, which are contrary to the user experience, love Shanghai in user experience for the very high weight, often through the "black hat" optimization of the website can get good rankings in the early, but later it is difficult to live in. Once the website is K very difficult to stand up. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er self breakthrough is more important than rivals

3, your resources less than competitors, and no new mining resources, you will always follow beyond the opponent’s back;

4, you are a tangle of people, you do not have their own technology for Shanghai dragon judgment, you will only absorb others or profound or groundless assertion;

9, if you are on the road to Shanghai dragon er at a loss, you have to believe in the past and the future is always different, you >

the latest love K station in Shanghai, Fuqing storm, Shanghai dragon blog view is that the world has never no reasons for love and hate! Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog recommended not to pursue those so-called fast ranking cheats, is a reason of Shanghai dragon and man, pragmatic and motivated people never get lost! The Fuqing Shanghai Dragon blog Shanghai dragon Er how to break through the self published 10 points. read more

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NGNX how to custom 404 page

NGINX how to custom 404 page

4. changes after the restart nginx, nginx.conf test, correct: /opt/n>

to join

custom 404 page

/ / if it is two level domain name, in the corresponding vhost/ directory suffix conf file editor, such as root in /home/www; this line add error_page 404 = /404.html

//nginx.conf contains the Vhost directory of all the suffix for the conf file, see the second line from the bottom, include vhost/*.conf;

1. 404.html page to create your own

3. nginx.conf change (or separate site configuration files, such as nginx -> sites-enabled; the site configuration file read more

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A5 marketing website internal link optimization analysis

said at the beginning of an internal and external link is on the contrary, it is undeniable, but it both effect actually is not much difference between the. First for the role of external links, external links for website weight transfer so as to improve and enhance the website weight keywords indirect rankings and front. On the other hand, internal links more wonderful, small and large sites are arranged within the recommended links reasonably, especially large websites. Here’s a simple way of internal links. read more

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How to write Title Web site keywords

first, site location, find the core competitiveness of the website, the most unique features to attract users to click on the unique sentence is "you have me have, you have my best, the website features superior" to be reflected in the title. For example, a lot of e-commerce website, website used "medical website", thus increasing the net trust in the site. There are some training, food web site, what can increase the number of safety certification, to show their quality of the website, to guide users to click on the out of the ordinary. read more

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How smoothly through the new love Shanghai assessment period

5. sites suspected shell, there is no actual content of

1. sites do not popular? Website promotion is every webmaster and optimization personnel must master the skills, how to promote trust has no need for everyone to move me.

3. love Shanghai external users to share links if suspicion (if it is user share for the website that users are willing to vote for

5 problem through the love of Shanghai will meet the general assessment period:

user experience?

3. love Shanghai external links are users to share how to do to avoid the suspicion? The same website a lot of forwards; the writing of valuable articles for you most willing to let users share read more

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Some advice about how to improve the site weight

compared to other domestic those search engines, love Shanghai for change is the most sensitive site, so webmaster want to improve site weight it is usually best not to change the site, otherwise the site will be very vulnerable to love Shanghai punishment, as long as the site is Shanghai site so love punishment. The weight will naturally decline

! quality assurance! !

wants to raise the weight of the website, the website by Pekka chain is not enough, the site must also have a certain Links it, so when they have the best to the website or forum to see, whether the right site exchange chain and our website look! In addition, webmaster in exchange Links, quality must first check the other site, if it is a snapshot of relatively new, the content included more rapidly, so that the quality of the site is good, and he is not our site link exchange loss; conversely, if the site quickly > read more

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Leaves method to obtain the high quality of the chain



should know when we released the chain, more channels of the chain is beneficial to the website. The weight on each page and we released the chain and access are not the same, so we should publish links in which

six, submitted to the soft (news source)

Q & a platformInquiry platform

Links is doing a necessary way of external links, the fastest way is to obtain high weight links. But we should pay attention to choose the same high weight site in exchange Links, which is more favorable for the web site. > read more

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Because the site is down right and processing method

so I asked my friend to competitor analysis site was analyzed, found very different with my opponent’s website:

third: the other side of the web site of the external links increased rapidly, more than 20000 articles, and almost all of the industry, so it is not difficult to imagine, to the weight is very high, even more impressive is the most content of the site have not been Shanghai dragon operation link from the classified information website or advertising platform.

opponent’s website and my website is the difference here. No matter is the opponent in Shanghai love adjustment effect on the fluctuation of the ranking is not great, it ranks has been very stable. read more

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Three kinds of methods to reduce the effective site jump out rate

, create high-quality content

is not the solution to the needs of the user, website bounce rate is not high? Not necessarily, sometimes users don’t find what you want, the bounce rate will be high, users find what they want, the bounce rate will be high, why? If you have solved the user needs, he also in doing your website? So it requires deep mining the user’s needs of everyone again, his analysis might be interested in, so as to keep him. For example this paper is about the methods to reduce the site out rate of the article, so the user may also be concerned about the website bounce rate how much is normal, website bounce rate will affect the rankings? He will care about these articles, so click will look at the past, so naturally reduces website jump out rate. read more

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Three years of Shanghai Longfeng optimization chain construction on site optimization in my deep emo

with love Shanghai algorithm upgrade requirements for the chain this is gone, the number is not in the evaluation criteria, factors outside chain quality have become increasingly prominent, so early for the chain resources platform collection is very necessary, for example, can register a similar long net, Shanghai dragon why, A5 webmaster forums etc. the webmaster resource platform, the soft platform of A5, the laggards and so are the best position to collect and utilize resources.

I found love before Shanghai launched several algorithms recently submitted to the soft has not been valued by the webmaster, what do the chain do the anchor text of the chain, you can only click on the link text and so on, the chain is useless for a long time with the webmaster, no matter how the outside world impetuous, I always adhere to with their own favorite, browse stationmaster net news every day, every week in A5 station at soft submission, because the journal is a part of my life, sharing is actually self learning, self accumulation. read more

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Love Shanghai 8 3 small update site data jump again

love Shanghai statistical tools can be included, effectively understand the site at the same time also can do a detailed statistical analysis of all aspects of the website, the website to present a standard in Shanghai, I love Shanghai often use statistical tools to analyze the value of the data and the bounce rate of PV, effective data analysis to rely on the site and modify the site, let the user experience of the website strive for further improvement.

third: love Shanghai observation sites included changes in read more

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Don’t complain that Shanghai dragon soft doesn’t write well that’s because you can’t copy

"copy" of the article, let the article to his means of expression of

there are many webmaster has a wealth of operational experience, but I can’t write a full article, make people very tangled, an article is actually 00 separate language fragments, even though the readability is high, but this confusion article or difficult to pass, so from this point, we should look at the work of others, the article frame copy others, like the article below, if you look at it carefully, you will find that the article is based on the total and the total form, and a summary of the predictions on every point of view, to facilitate everyone in advance this point in order to make the subject more clear. Of course, this is just an example, webmaster friends can look at the A5 above, the A5 will find that although the article is every kind of theme, but deviate from them, each article has a center, some with "total score", with some paragraphs separated, some bold to remind in a word the whole layout is reasonable, and can let a person know the main content in the first time. read more

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Share strategy of medical industry of Shanghai Dragon

1, medical strategy

Since the 2,

the lonely Prince has always believed that the keyword research on typical "fat", as long as can do a popular keyword can row, but the money. Such as plastic breast weight, so popular keywords ranked up, the effect is very obvious, the monthly income of 100 thousand is not a problem, if more than one keyword, or target keywords, accurate keywords, long tail keywords and other keywords combination optimization, in the increasingly fierce competition in the medical industry, if not all of the optimization is not up to more than one, the combined effect of two key words to be good! For example: autologous medical cosmetology institutions do website keywords "Beijing plastic surgery hospital, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery hospital in Beijing," is only "Beijing plastic, cosmetic effect" is much better. read more

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19 super WordPress SEO plugin

more traffic and more friendly




automatic link, simply select a word, a web site and this plugin will replace all in your blog posts. You can set the link, target, the title of the REL, you can know how many times each word is changed. If the plugin has the same word is found, it will only change the first. This is to avoid the black Shanghai dragon and the user inconvenience.


search engine optimization package: This is the best and most extensive network optimization master, it automatically optimizes your WordPress blog search engine. It will automatically search engine optimization your title and META tags automatically. For beginners, you do not even look at the options with access. As long as the installation, see your website or blog search engine optimization results. read more

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