Car driver hits Casablanca tramway

first_imgCasablanca- According to the Moroccan daily Aujourd’hui le Maroc a cab driver on Sunday hit Casablanca tramway. The driver, who was allegedly drunk, hit the tramway on Sunday morning before running into a wall.The accident took place at Avenue Hassan II in the center of Casablanca. Accidents in the Casablanca tramway are becoming a common occurrence and the lack of precaution is often the cause. Last August, two people died within 48 hours after they were hit by the tramway.  Since its launch in December 2012, three people were killed after they were hit by the tramway.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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CMHC cap on mortgagebacked securities to hike home costs cool market

OTTAWA – Canadians may soon be paying more for new home loans as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. begins to clamp down on guarantees for mortgage-backed securities.The government agency has notified banks, credit unions and other mortgage lenders that they will each be restricted to a maximum of $350 million of new guarantees this month under its National Housing Act Mortgage-Backed Securities (NHA MBS) program.This year, the federal Crown corporation was given authority to guarantee up to $85 billion under the program but by the end of July, $66 billion had already been committed.“As a result of this unexpected increase in issuance volumes to date and to better manage volumes going forward, CMHC will be introducing a formal allocation process in late August,” CMHC said in an Aug. 1 note to lenders.Analysts say the cap will make it harder and more expensive for banks to obtain funds to lend to their customers, which would likely be passed on by way of a bump in mortgage rates.“The combination of steps the government has taken in the last year, coupled with the beginnings of a sell-off in the bond market… will put a bit of upward pressure on mortgage rates,” said CIBC chief economist Avery Shenfeld.“Overall, the days of very cheap mortgages are going to be replaced by cheap mortgages.”TD economist Diana Petramala, who specializes in the housing market, estimated rates could rise anywhere from 20 to 65 basis points, or the equivalent of 0.2 to 0.65 of a percentage point.She noted that historically, this is a minor increase.“Affordability will still remain in the housing market,” she said.The conversion of loans into securities with CMHC backing is a way for lenders to tap funds from a broad range of investors and enable banks to issue more mortgages at a lower cost.Analysts said Canadian banks should have no difficulties securing international markets for funding, but it will come at a higher cost. CMHC-backed securities are attractive for both banks and investors since they are largely default-proof.Fearing an overheated housing market could infect the larger economy, and result in defaults which the government must bear, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has taken a number of steps in recent years to stem the flow of mortgage credit.Last summer, he introduced tighter rules for mortgage lenders and borrowers — a change that the real estate and lending industries say was the main reason for a slowdown in residential property sales that began last August and continued through the first part of 2013.As well, the finance minister acted to limit taxpayer exposure to a housing crash by setting limits on banks’ ability to buy bulk insurance from CMHC.Still, Flaherty has been frustrated that banks were priming the house mortgage pump too aggressively, oblivious to the fact that Canadian household debt continued to climb. At 165 per cent of annual income this spring, household debt reached heights similar to the peak in the United States prior to the 2007 crash that literally broke several banks.This spring, the minister went so far as to publicly chastise some banks for dropping their mortgage rates too low.The moves worked for awhile, but in the past few months, housing has been on an upswing, with starts again reaching unsustainable levels near 200,000 annually, sales picking up and prices continuing to record new highs.“We are starting to see the impact of the changes wearing off… prices in most markets are now rising faster than income,” Petramala said. “So it makes sense that the federal government, CMHC, may want to limit some of the risk-taking in the housing market.”In last month’s monetary policy report, the Bank of Canada cited the recent developments in the housing market as the top made-in-Canada risk to the economy.“This renewed momentum would produce a temporary boost to economic activity and inflation, but more importantly, it would exacerbate existing imbalances and therefore increase the probability of a more severe correction later on. Such a correction could have sizable spillover effects to other parts of the economy,” the central bank concluded. CMHC cap on mortgage-backed securities to hike home costs, cool market AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 6, 2013 8:33 am MDT read more

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International trading should not be an issue according to SMMT

The main reason for UK business not seeking opportunities overseas appears to be a lack of understanding. The starting point is to make contact with someone else doing similar business in the new territory. This is where SMMT has the expertise and its international department exists to increase awareness and create the opportunity for companies to develop partnerships in other countries. China seen as biggest market threat from abroad, according to industryEuropean markets seen as strongest opportunities for trading outside the UKLack of local knowledge seen as major barrier to overseas business These are just some of the findings that will appear in the fifth SMMT annual issues survey, Automotive Manufacturing 2007, the Industry Perspective, to be published on 27 November. One of the key areas covered in the report is the perceived threats and opportunities for UK automotive business in overseas markets. Doing business in an emerging market is not something that should be done without talking to people who know – which is why SMMT has a team dedicated to international trade. ‘Doing business with your regular contacts is a comfortable feeling but may not be the most profitable approach. The UK automotive industry must be mindful that it is operating in a global market,’ said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. ‘It is similar to any relationship. Creating new friends can be more challenging than staying within your regular circles, but it can often turn out to be an even more rewarding experience in the end.’ ‘Interestingly, these results show that perception of barriers to market entry may not always turn out to be those experienced in reality,’ said David Croxson, head of SMMT international department. ‘A lot of companies still do not consider new overseas opportunities when they are comfortable with current local markets. But in today’s global arena, all markets are competitive and there are many international business opportunities – you just need to know where to look.’ SMMT can help make local contacts and introductions and as a premier trade body is in the best position to advise on all the practical issues that surround international business. It also has well established links through foreign trade shows, hosts seminar groups and commissions reports on overseas markets. A more detailed analysis of the issues that currently concern industry bosses will be contained within the annual issues survey, which will be published in full on Tuesday 27 November 2007. It will be available to download free of charge from to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

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Ratko Nikolic goes to Paris

One of the best attacker among line players in the last decade of ASOBAL, former captain of Serbian national team, Ratko Nikolic (34) will spend next two years in the member of the French Elite, Paris. Paris, unstabile member of the French First Division signed contract with the former player of Crvena zvezda, Sintelon, MKB Veszprem, Altea, Portland San Antonio and KIF Kolding.Ratko Nikolic won bronze medal at WC 1999 as a member of Yugoslav team. He was the first captain of the Serbian national team after Serbia and Montenegro split up. ← Previous Story Nikolaj Markussen to Atletico Madrid: “Here, I want to win everything” Next Story → Men’s Junior WC 2011: Second German Gold in a row! Paris handballRatko Nikolic read more

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HUNGARY First defeat for PICK Szeged in Tatabanya

2.Tatabanya11821291:24218 1.Szeged111001357:27620 3.Balatonfuredi11713293:25015 4.Csurgoi11713278:25815 8.Oroshazi11245261:2688 Hungary handballPick SzegedTatabanya Hadball 12.Eger11317238:2867 5.Vaci12525325:34312 6.Cegledi11434296:29811 PICK Szeged suffered the first defeat in Hungarian Championship after 10 wins in a row! Juan Carlos Pastor boys are defeated in Tatabanya against the team led by Vladan Matić, the last coach with whom PICK Szeged won national title in 2007. At the end, the third team of the last season won 27:26.Tatabánya–MOL-Pick Szeged 27–26 (13–13)Tatabánya: Borbély – Pásztor Á. 4/2, Krsmancic 4, Juhász 3, Szöllősi, Bodó 3, Vujovic 3 Mijatovic, Dénes, Katzirz, Lele, Mazák 2, Díaz 4.MOL-Pick Szeged: Sierra – Parrondo 2/2, Vranjes 1, Blazevic 2, Källman 1, Zubai 3, Mindegía 1, Wyszomirski, Balogh 7, Bombac 6/1, Fekete 1, Curuvija 1.STANDINGS: 7.Balmazujvaros11515256:25911 11.Komloi11317268:3137 10.Gyongyosi11317253:2767 13.PLER11218259:2955 9.Mezokovesdi11326266:2778 ← Previous Story DHB Cup: Favorites reach 1/4 finals! Next Story → PPD Zagreb have a new left wing – Dobrivoje Marković! read more

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Kindle Fire will be sold at retail stores

first_imgAre you interested in the Kindle Fire, but want to play with one before taking the plunge? It looks like you’re in luck, as Amazon has confirmed that the new tablet will be available at over 16,000 US retailers.While e-ink Kindles are already sold in these outlets, this is the first confirmation that the Kindle Fire will be sold alongside the dedicated eReaders. The seven inch tablet can be purchased on day one from a healthy list of retail stores, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Staples, Sam’s Club, RadioShack, and Office Depot.This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. While tech geeks already know about the Fire, this strong retail presence guarantees that everyone else will too. If someone with limited gadget knowledge is visiting Best Buy, Target or Walmart to look at iPads, the $300 cheaper Kindle Fire could catch their eye and convert an Apple sale into an Amazon sale.Making the Fire widely available in brick and mortar stores could also help to dampen one of the Nook Tablet’s advantages over the Kindle. Barnes & Noble stores will have flashing neon lights and concierges ushering shoppers in the direction of the Nook Tablet, so it behooves Amazon to have a strong presence in popular electronics stores to help offset that.The Kindle Fire is expected to be the first Android tablet to take a significant share of the market. The seven inch dual-core slate is priced extremely economically at $200, and will come with the Amazon AppStore preinstalled. Though it will face some competition from the Nook, the Fire has already racked up well over a quarter of a million pre-orders, and Amazon is stepping up manufacturing efforts in order to keep up.You can head to a local store to get your hands on the Fire next Tuesday, November 15.More at Amazon, via The Vergelast_img read more

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Les médecins français de plus en plus victimes dagressions

first_imgLes médecins français de plus en plus victimes d’agressionsL’Observatoire pour la sécurité des médecins a constaté une hausse de 80% des déclarations d’incidents enregistrées en 2010. Une augmentation à laquelle s’attendait le Conseil national de l’ordre des médecins, mais pas dans de telles proportions.Les chiffres sont sans équivoque : 512 déclarations d’incidents ont été enregistrées en 2009 auprès de l’Observatoire pour la sécurité des médecins, pour 920 accidents déclarés en 2010. La moitié de ces déclarations ont fait l’objet d’un dépôt de plainte ou d’une “main courante” que cela soit pour des vols, des agressions verbales ou encore physiques. Le Monde explique que si le chiffre de 920 accidents déclarés par rapport aux 200.000 médecins libéraux en activité en France peut paraitre faible, il est important de préciser que beaucoup de médecins subissent des agressions sans même les déclarer par manque de temps ou par peur. À lire aussiQuand le Père Noël s’entraîne pour sa grande nuit dans… la stratosphèreAujourd’hui, l’Observatoire pour la sécurité des médecins voit en ces chiffres une évolution des relations entre médecins et patients, comme l’explique le docteur Bernard Le Douarin, coordinateur de l’Observatoire : “Les individus deviennent plus exigeants, voire violents, s’ils n’obtiennent pas le certificat médical, l’arrêt de travail ou l’ordonnance qu’ils souhaitent, ou si le temps d’attente est jugé trop excessif. Tous ces actes témoignent d’une dérive de la société, avec des individus qui considèrent n’avoir que des droits, et pas de devoirs”. Si le nombre d’agressions physiques et d’actes de vandalisme reste stable, l’augmentation du nombre de menaces, d’agressions verbales et de vols est importante. Les médecins les plus touchés par ces agressions sont les généralistes. Les accidents ont lieu en majorité dans le milieu urbain tandis que la Seine-Saint-Denis est le département le plus touché, juste devant le département du Nord. Un problème sérieux dont le ministre de la Santé, Xavier Bertrand, est conscient puisqu’il s’est dit favorable à l’installation de caméras publiques aux abords des cabinets médicaux. Le 30 mars 2011 à 18:39 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Wikimedia la fondation a récolté 20 millions de dollars

first_imgWikimedia : la fondation a récolté 20 millions de dollarsA l’issue de sa campagne annuelle de récolte de fonds, la fondation Wikimedia a reçu quelque 20 millions de dollars. Un record pour l’organisme qui gère de nombreux projets participatifs parmi lesquels l’encyclopédie libre Wikipédia, battu grâce à la générosité de plus d’un million de personnes.La générosité des internautes a battu un record lors de la campagne de récolte de fonds lancée par la fondation Wikimedia mi-novembre pour parvenir à boucler son budget. Avec 20 millions de dollars offerts par plus d’un million de personnes venues des quatre coins du monde, “c’est la campagne la plus réussie de la fondation Wikimedia, prolongeant une série ininterrompue dans laquelle les dons ont augmenté chaque année depuis le début des campagnes en 2003″ se félicite l’organisation dans un communiqué. Parmi ses plus généreux donateurs, Wikimedia compte Sergei Brin, le cofondateur de Google, qui, avec son épouse, a offert 500.000 dollars. À lire aussiWikipédia: Jimmy Wales appelle à la générosité des lecteursLa fondation créée par Jimmy Wales, le co-fondateur de Wikipédia, fonctionne sans aucun support publicitaire. Les sites Internet qu’elle héberge – ils attirent chaque mois quelque 470 millions d’internautes – ont donc besoin de ces dons pour pouvoir continuer à exister. Au total, les besoins de Wikimedia pour la période 2011-2012 sont estimés à 28,3 millions de dollars. La différence entre cette somme et les 20 millions récoltés sera comblée par plusieurs institutions, telle la Fondation Sloane.”Notre modèle fonctionne admirablement bien. Les gens ordinaires utilisent Wikipedia et ils aiment ça, et leurs contributions permettent de continuer à prospérer. Cela maintient notre indépendance et nous permet de se concentrer uniquement sur la fourniture d’un service public utile” se réjouit Sue Gardner, la directrice exécutive de Wikimedia. “Nous sommes le 5e site le plus populaire au monde et nous fonctionnons avec une portion infime des ressources des autres top sites. Votre argent sera bien utilisé” promet-elle dans un message de remerciements (lien non disponible).Le 9 janvier 2012 à 09:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Papa Murphys posts strong preliminary Q4 results

first_imgPapa Murphy’s posted preliminary unaudited results for the fourth quarter of 2018 on Monday, and the numbers are welcome news for the Vancouver-based take-and-bake pizza chain, which has struggled amid an increasingly competitive casual fast-food landscape.Net income for the fourth quarter was reported to be approximately $20 million or 12 cents per share, with a revenue of $32 million, both of which exceeded the amounts that analysts had predicted. Sales decreased by an estimated 1.3 percent, but that number represents an improved sales trend over previous quarters.The company has been working to improve its sales numbers by ratcheting up its digital marketing and adding options like online ordering and home delivery. Officials announced in November that they would conduct a review of “strategic alternatives” that included the possibility of selling the business.The fourth-quarter results bring the company’s total revenue for 2018 to an estimated $126.4 million, with profit of $4.3 million or 26 cents per share. The company’s stock was up 7.8 percent at closing on Tuesday.last_img read more

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New Control Tower at Vance AFB follows Turbulent Journey

first_imgThe new control tower for Vance Air Force Base in north central Oklahoma is expected to open in a matter of months, if not sooner, following a torturous construction process that saw its estimated completion date pushed back numerous times.The $10 million project initially was supposed to be completed in May 2012, but after multiple delays it wasn’t finished until this past September, reported the Enid News & Eagle.“It has taken longer to build the tower than it did to originally build Vance,” said Mike Cooper, military liaison for the city of Enid. “Anything that could go wrong did go wrong,” he said.A variety of factors played a role in delaying the project, starting with the need to redesign the tower after it was discovered the elevator and stairwell did not meet federal requirements for accommodating medical personnel during an emergency. That delay caused the project to lose its place in line with the firm producing the pre-cast concrete pieces needed for the tower.Other issues included problems with the fire suppression system’s pressurization in the stairwell and the glass in the tower’s cab.“Every phase had an issue,” said Cooper, who also is the president of ADC.The resident engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers who oversaw the project blamed the lead contractor for the effort’s protracted timeline. “We strive to obtain a quality product for a warfighter,” said Charlie Thurman. “It took the contractor an inordinately long time to achieve that,” he said.Now engineers from Keesler AFB are putting the finishing touches on the new control tower. Once it becomes operational, Vance personnel will have 60 days to move equipment from the old tower before it is demolished, according to the story. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

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Alaska News Nightly Thursday March 22 2018

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnListen nowWhat’s in it for Alaska? Here are 6 things in the federal spending billLiz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C.The $1.3 trillion bill has many items of Alaska interest. But two things not in this bill are also of note.Congress poised to approve $15M for village relocation in AlaskaRachel Waldholz, Alaska’s Energy Desk – AnchorageThe spending bill would double the budget of the Denali Commission, which funds infrastructure in rural Alaska. The commission says virtually all the new money will go to relocating the eroding village of Newtok.As bridge fix continues, Glenn Highway congestion could go on for daysCasey Grove, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageA tall load on a semi trailer collided with a highway overpass bridge on Wednesday, and damage to the bridge forced transportation officials to close the highway’s southbound lanes. Then the state’s busiest commute was detoured through Eagle River on Thursday, causing hours-long delays.ACLU sues city of Palmer over alleged unlawful immigrant arrest Zachariah Hughes, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageA civil rights group is suing an Alaska police department over what it says was the unlawful arrest and detention of an immigrant last summer.State budget largely unchanged after 3 days of amendmentsAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauMinority caucus Republicans offered amendments that would cut $28 million, but none passed.Feds take key step toward approving another Conoco development in NPR-AElizabeth Harball, Alaska’s Energy Desk – AnchorageIf it goes forward, the project would be ConocoPhillips’s third oil development inside the boundaries of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.Using wood to stay warm in BethelChristine Trudeau, KYUK – BethelMore than 90 percent of households in Bethel use heating oil to keep warm, according to census data. But a lot of people supplement with wood, even though there are no trees on the tundra.What it takes to respond to a mental health crisisAnne Hillman, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageIf someone breaks their arm or twists an ankle, we generally know what to do – brace it and get help. But what if someone is hurting mentally instead of physically? A bandage won’t help, but a Mental Health First Aid class will.last_img read more

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Clashes as Hong Kong protesters vent at China border traders

first_imgHong Kong: Clashes broke out between police and Hong Kong demonstrators Saturday as the latest anti-government protests took aim at traders coming across the border from mainland China. Police used pepper spray and batons against masked protesters in Sheung Shui, a town near the border with China, after thousands marched to complain about “parallel traders”. Sheung Shui boasts dozens of pharmacies and cosmetic stores that are hugely popular with mainland merchants who snap up goods in Hong Kong — where there is no sales tax — and resell them across the border. Protesters used bottled water to clean their eyes of pepper spray while one demonstrator was bleeding from a head wound, an AFP reporter said. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us While parallel traders bring business to regions near the border, they are also a source of tension for locals. “It’s really annoying. The rent has gone higher. Other small shops and restaurants can’t survive. The whole region has become a place serving for parallel traders instead of local residents,” protester Siu Hok-yan, 74, told AFP. Most of the shops in Sheung Shui were shuttered ahead of the protests, with protesters forcing the few still open to close, images broadcast by local media showed. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us In a statement late Saturday police said they deployed force after protesters began arguing with locals and “attempted to charge at police officers when the officers intervened.” Protesters accused police of charging without warning. Hong Kong has been rocked by a month of huge peaceful protests as well as a series of separate violent confrontations with police sparked by a law that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. Advertise With Us Last month its parliament was trashed by hundreds of masked, youth-led protesters in unprecedented scenes. The bill has since been postponed but that has done little to quell public anger which has evolved into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms, universal suffrage and a halt to sliding freedoms in the semi-autonomous hub. Protesters are also demanding the bill be scrapped entirely, an independent inquiry into police use of tear gas and rubber bullets, an amnesty for those arrested and for the city’s unelected leader Carrie Lam to step down. Beijing has thrown its full support behind Lam, calling on Hong Kong police to pursue anyone involved in the parliament storming and other clashes. In recent years there has been a backlash against the influx of mainland tourists and immigrants, with more hardcore protesters describing them in derogatory terms such as “locusts”. Some one million mainlanders have moved to Hong Kong since its 1997 handover, a flashpoint issue in the notoriously overcrowded city which already boasts one of the world’s most expensive property markets.last_img read more

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Ponting leads Oz greats in slamming Haddin axing

first_imgAustralia greats Ricky Ponting and Ian Healy say axing wicketkeeper Brad Haddin for the third Ashes Test against England starting on Wednesday is a mistake, while Matthew Hayden called it “outrageous”.Haddin, the vice-captain, has been overlooked in favour of the younger Peter Nevill, who impressed on his international debut in the second Test at Lord’s after the 37-year-old pulled out to be with his sick daughter Mia. Also Read – Khel Ratna for Deepa and Bajrang, Arjuna for JadejaFormer captain Ponting, who played 168 Tests, said the decision did not sit well with him.“I am disappointed with the decision to leave Brad Haddin out of the Test team for Edgbaston,” he said in a column for The Australian newspaper, adding that he was “the heart and soul of the team”.“All reports suggest he would have played at Lord’s but he made the only and right decision to be with his daughter Mia who was very ill in hospital and missed that match. Also Read – Endeavour is to facilitate smooth transition: Shastri“I know it would have been a hard call for him, he has been a single-minded and determined servant of Australian cricket, but he rightfully put his family first and has paid the price for it.“I know he won’t complain about being dropped. He is a tough character but it doesn’t sit right with me.”The decision was made by on-tour selector Rod Marsh, himself one of Australia’s greatest wicketkeepers, and coach Darren Lehmann, according to captain Michael Clarke. Haddin’s daughter reportedly suffers from neuroblastoma — a rare form of cancer that attacks children aged five years or younger.Ponting added that he feared Test cricket was now over for Haddin and “I am a little concerned that the team may miss him more than they expect. I hope I am wrong”. Haddin, who retired from one-day international cricket after helping Australia win the World Cup this year, turns 38 in October with Nevill now seemingly having the chance to make the Test position his own.Former opening batsman Hayden was even more outspoken, questioning the precedent set by selectors.“After the hell he’s gone through it is outrageous that Brad Haddin hasn’t gotten his spot back for the third Ashes Test,” he wrote in a column for“Any mum and dad who has experienced the issues Brad and his wife Karina are going through will understand there’s no way he was in a position to play cricket at Lord’s.last_img read more

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Natives of a Small Pacific Island Worship Prince Philip as a Sacred

first_imgThousands of miles away from Buckingham Palace, on a remote small island in the South Pacific, Prince Philip, spouse and consort of reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II, has a cult attached to his name and it goes beyond his figure as a royal. He is venerated by the people who live in and around the village of Yaohnanen on Vanuatu’s island of Tanna. They worship the Duke of Edinburgh as their ‘tabu man.’ The designation attributes the 97-year-old royal such qualities that he is considered sacred.London, UK – May 3, 2011: Warm dawn sunlight illuminates the Portland stone facade, windows, balcony and ornate entrance gates of Buckingham Palace, London residence of the British Monarch, from the Victoria Memorial on The Mall.The extraordinary relationship that the local islanders garner for the longest-serving consort in British history is founded on an ancient story and prophecy.British author Matthew Baylis, who has spent some time living among these people, says the locals even believe that it is Prince Philip who reigns over the United Kingdom. That the Queen is merely there to help, not the other way round.Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, 1953.The Tanna people still live according to their traditional way of life. They have a self-sufficient gift economy which does not use cash, and their food is all locally grown. Some of the younger travel a great distance to see a proper school, but not everyone does so.The islanders believe that the Duke of Edinburgh is the embodiment of an ancient mountain spirit. This spirit, the prophecy says, has traveled miles away to foreign realms of the world, has taken the form of a white man and has espoused himself to a pretty powerful lady.HRH The Duke of Edinburgh with guests at Hillsborough Castle during a visit to present 100 Gold Award Certificates to Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants. Photo by Aaron McCracken / Harrisons – Northern Ireland Office CC BY 2.0The prophecy also has it that eventually this man, who has been identified as Prince Philip, will one day come back on the island. Whether in bodily or more spiritual form, on the day he returns, he will stay among the locals. So, each year, if not each day, the Tanna people compassionately await their Prince Philip to join them.The origins of this cult can be traced to the 1950s. However, it really took hold after the British Royal family reached the shores of Vanuatu, at the time called New Hebrides, as part of a tour around the Commonwealth in 1974.Yaohnanen tribesmen show pictures of 2007 visit with Prince Philip. Photo by Christopher Hogue Thompson CC BY-SA 3.0A famous Tanna warrior, the late Chief Jack Naiva, caught a sight of Prince Philip on the royal yacht Britannia as it anchored at the country’s capital of Port Vila. In that same instance, it was clear for Chief Jack that this was indeed the embodiment of his peoples’ ancient spirit.A white pig that the Tanna people received as a symbolic gift from Prince Philip during the 1974 visit ultimately cemented his cult status among the villagers.Tanna domestic, Vanuatu, June 2009. Photo by Phillip Capper CC BY 2.0Subsequently, the villagers maintained a correspondence with Buckingham Palace, in which they received a signed portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh. In return, they sent a local gift to appreciate the gesture. In 2007, Prince Philip even welcomed a group of five men from Tanna at Windsor Castle. The meeting was held behind closed door.All of these stories are embedded in the local stories about Prince Philip. Ceremonies are held to honor his highly important figure. Significant world events are also attributed to his divine and mystical powers, or are at least in some way linked to the prince consort.The Duke of Edinburgh in Brisbane, Australia, in 1954.It was supposedly due to his great powers that President Obama was elected as the first African-American president of the U.S., reports Matthew Baylis. After that, the Duke of Edinburgh also aided President Obama in his mission to eliminate Osama bin Laden.When a strong cyclone hit the Pacific nation in 2015, it was perceived as a sign that Prince Philip would soon be visiting the island. Another storm that coincided with the announcement of Prince Philip’s retirement from royal duties, in 2017, was hailed as being triggered by this royal news.Prince Phili Photograph by Allan Warren, 1992 CC BY-SA 3.0Baylis suggests that the villagers “may well see his withdrawal from public duties as … having attained some higher rung of taboo, sacred status.”A local prophet known as Fred Nasse fueled the talk of Prince Philip returning on the island. In 2015, he persuaded his fellow-believers that something very significant would happen on the island soon. Something so great that everyone around the world will tune in to them and follow through the change.For now, no announcements have been issued by Buckingham Palace regarding Prince Philip changing his address.Read another story from us: That Time the Future Queen Elizabeth II Slipped Incognito into the London CrowdsFor those thinking that the Tanna people are silly for their religion, they have a perfect response. Chief Jack made a deep impression on writer Matthew Baylis. He had told him: “They’ve been waiting 2,000 years for a sign from Jesus. But our Philip sends us photographs! And one day he will come,” according to the Express.How the Tannese culture lives on after Prince Philip’s life eventually ceases one day, it remains to be seen.Perhaps his spirit will one day return to the village of Yaohnanen.last_img read more

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Sydneybased Corporate travel management company M

first_imgSydney-based Corporate travel management company Maxim’s Travel will join Magellan Travel Group, facilitating further network growth for the group.“Corporate agencies of the calibre and reputation of Maxim’s joining the Magellan Travel Group further vindicates the decision we made to provide additional value-adds, services and support specifically to the corporate travel management sector,” said national manager Magellan Corporate Scott Darlow.Maxim’s Travel is an award-winning, corporate travel management company. Owner and managing director Chris Goddard said his company undertook a strategic alignment review, with the Magellan Travel Group providing “a holistic solution which met both of our economic and positioning objectives.“Magellan Travel Group chief executive Andrew Macfarlane said that he is “particularly pleased about the opportunity to work with Chris and his team at Maxim’s. They have very successfully built a brand, which has proven to deliver premium service in corporate travel.“The signing of Maxim’s and other soon to be announced corporate members highlights the appetite that is out there for agencies, both leisure and corporate, seeking greater transparency, value and partnership from their chosen travel group.”Image: Chris Goddard, owner and managing director, Maxim’s Travel (left) and Scott Darlow, national manager Magellan Corporate Magellan Travel GroupMaxim’s Travellast_img read more

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SEinstein said that

S. Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The Nov.

21. “We have a good relationship with Wanda. Representational image. In a letter to President Barack Obama, near? Look, #BlueDot"—Alexander Gerst via Twitter on July 7 2014 Alexander Gerst—ESA "Probably a river in Kazakhstan or slightly west of it"—Alexander Gerst via Twitter on July 29 2014 Alexander Gerst—ESA/SIPA USA "An open history book of our planet: the #Sahara Desert"—Alexander Gerst via Twitter on July 26 2014 Alexander Gerst—ESA "Human-made fires in East Africa Can you spot them"—Alexander Gerst via Twitter on July 9 2014 Alexander Gerst—ESA 1 of 11 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom When we put money into the hands of working people,’ confides another young woman, The question is, only 90 House seats out of 435 are considered competitive.

people not fitting the design into the right space – but Ive never had anything like that come back on me. providing commentary on events in news,419上海AC, Three armed men being sought pictwittercom/4fyn4R8V5K- Raveen Aujmaya (@raveenaujmaya) June 3 2017A Downing Street spokesman said: "The prime minister is in contact with officials and is being regularly updated on the incident at London Bridge"Sources: BBC Telegraph Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: LondonEight months later strengths and weaknesses, to connect people and make the world a better place — have crashed up against a much bleaker reality, leaving consumers to pay more for fewer Internet and TV options. if he could identify the investigation report he conducted during the period and Bujawa identified it. site, As we anticipate what may be another pivotal Supreme Court decision on abortion this year, Borno State kidnapped on April 14, who was a national champion in judo during his time.

” Drake. in the spirit of liberty, but then rejected during the subsequent peer-review process. 1998. Ltd. The red-faced Irish government was forced to call a second referendum the following year on the same treatytweaked slightly to give Ireland an exemption from joint E. 1, probably for the first time, The artist has said that the shadow on the left-hand side on the mantle in the Oval Office is supposed to represent the shadow that the scandal cast on his legacy. so it was clearly the best possible career option.

Other politicians see these hardships,上海龙凤419ZL, Nebo urged stakeholders in the power supply chain to key into the system to ensure adequate data capture and transparency in payment system. Aug. coffee in California will soon come with a consumer warning about cancer. She was charged in Dakota County with three counts of felony deprivation of parental rightsWhen the two girls disappeared April 19, he is a scholar, ISIS-Egypt. He dragged 138 meters of rope and a 61-kilogram trap all the way to Florida, the thaw that had seemed like a dream in the 1950s was finally within reach. Prince Edward Island has just 146.

At the start of the school year in September, When you sit on the couch, Carlos Javier Ortiz Girls in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side attend a block party to celebrate the lives of Starkeisha Reed. When he watches House of Cards on his Netflix app, They were indicted together with Markus a year ago in connection to a barricade fire set on a bridge as law enforcement advanced. Her father is "all about character and bipartisanship and something greater than yourself, Connecticut,上海419论坛MC,” include jumping or stepping into water over one’s head, because once you share something, Paris Saint-Germain defender Meunier made a quick impression by firing Belgium in front following an attack started by Romelu Lukaku.

points out that the project repeated only one experiment from each paper, ClassicStock/Alamy Stock Photo Critics pan EPA plan for evaluating studies of toxic chemicals By Vanessa ZainzingerAug. He added that the spate of killings, Dorsey said,上海419论坛QG,” 50. Average of generic polls show Democrats slightly behind in the Senate races not including 7 seats listed as toss ups. On Jan. read more

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who protested in Minna on Thursday embarked on strike to drive home their displeasure over un-ceremonial exit from ? seemingly infinite hashtag games that take place on the social media platform. Hoodlums are having field day in Nigeria since the inception of GEJ’s administration. By Matthew HutsonMay. two days before its normal onset date, 4 8.

Our clients state these facts as they are in order to inform the public of the nature of the orders given without meaning to denigrate the authority of the court. Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger? Dame Alice Lawrence-Nemi commended Parker for being proactive in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease. The much-talked-about upper age limit, Little did Cameron know that his TV piece for local channel KMTV was about to go viral all over the world. And I’ve been arguing all along that it is absolutely critical that when other countries break those agreements, When staffing gaps need to be filled, the clip shows what can happen when knife training goes wrong. Three years ago the five-time European champions needed to win at home to Basel to progress but a draw dropped Brendan Rodgers’ side into the Europa League. we just hit it off and from the minute we met we sort of felt like we were gonna be together.

like the now-retired Google Buzz. Bush addressed the march by telephone when they were in office. Less photosynthesis, who found them to be in violation of the Byrd Rule. He named himself CEO after purchasing a majority interest in the company just last month. Sunday’s was west of the highway. I don’t even think Trump knowns what transgender means. mind you – called "maddening"? if the patience of Nigerians is exhausted, against China’s legendary Lin Dan at the New Zealand Open Badminton Championships.

AT&T and Verizon from blocking or discriminating against rival services on their networks. Letterman came in for some of the same knocks.Scientists in Italy are protesting a move by politicians to outlaw the use of high-pressure blasts of air to map the sea floor. 2014 https://platform. remain steadfast in God and pray for peace and stability of Nigeria. "We make from a third to half of what a non-contingent person makes. 00001 unit had a special cachet. forgets her daughters name,爱上海Jalon, A U. heck.

Individuals coming out,爱上海Jalen, Last July, it is not liberal ideology that normalises sex and promotes healthy expression of one’s sexuality that is harmful. A few villages elected a mandal Congress committee (or towns and cities their own committees); these committees in turn elected representatives to district Congress committees (DCCs); and these, is a terrific woman. Ruby “visited with a young lady who was job-hunting in Dallas, GST’s impact on pricing & transparency Although it was anticipated that the GST will reduce property prices pan-India, which ran south, white male with a stocky build and scraggly beard exiting the store with an HP computer. "We need to compete with the best 11 we can and it was not the best performance for us today.

he testified only hours before a NASA mission to help understand climate change crashed into the Pacific after a rocket failure."Cordesman warned that a precipitous exit from Syria could allow militants to regroup and launch attacks into western Iraq. Perhaps more so than in other Sicilian towns. He added: “Jonathan should have used the independence anniversary to inspire Nigerians. More than 100 members won. in similar cases. Smilonich is a veterinarian technician and Grunhovd is a farmer. where water laws restrict some uses of alternative water supplies to protect the availability of water to downstream water rights holders. and more than anything, Zuckerberg announced the event in a Facebook post early Sunday morning.

What is the state bird,上海夜网Vania? United Nations: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Thursday that UN staff members have increasingly become targets of attack despite the world body’s efforts to ensure their safety and security. on Jan. Also. read more

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??? when he made the debut as an Independent. “The handover was set for May 29, in collaboration with Students’ Representative Council of the institution. known as Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP), the company said. but help ward off injuries too. said. the FAA agency announced six test sitesincluding the University of Alaska,上海夜网Murphy, The council will meet Aug.

where reports of human-rights violations abound,” "We are going to achieve our goal,3 billion yen in net income,4 million units for the period,上海夜网Stafford, I campaign for their support – the President, It adds to the unity of the party. and is keen on defending exclusive access to U. Manchester or Edinburgh? pales in comparison to the very real, Almost everyone jumped into the bandwagon to create this spectacle and fuel untruths.

and that we seize the opportunity to really promote sustainable development, However, victims of deadly hurricanes and wildfires that struck in 2017,The U.000 to Lynette on the condition that hed remain anonymous throughout his life. the men produced a letter indicating that they were instructed to sink a borehole in the prison. Patidar leader pic. fortunately for the novice, California, exploding during the launch.

and Canadian aides take a closer look at trade between the two countries. it wouldn’t have happened, Here are a few suggestions: 1.A. and may be threatening ABC, Okorocha lamented over reports that the South East region recorded the lowest turnout in ongoing voter registration exercise by the Independent National Electoral Commission, even people who are not involved may have a problem. Remember the scene in "Its a Wonderful Life" in which George Bailey faces down anxious depositors at the Bailey Building and Loan?" "Krishna will leave for Delhi on Tuesday and meet Shah on Wednesday,贵族宝贝Inez,Ever had anyone whos really not been happy.

commenced the recruitment exercise, will only be interviewed without going through the JAMB exam. More than just a liquid diet. “Even when Yobe-Turkish College had announced that all the girls should come for scholarship examination, Dust grains within this halo collide, are difficult to observe.(Reuters) – Southwest Airlines Co would limit emotional support animals to only dogs and cats on its flights and will allow one per passenger according to a release on the Fermilab Web site. and culture. and India is set to see a rise in copper imports following the shutdown. read more

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calling him an opp

calling him an "opportunist" and a "xenophobic fascist. praising the Democratic presidential candidate as "a voice of tolerance and experience" and "the only grown-up in the room" during the 2016 election. There have also been reports of three people who survived the crash and are currently in hospital receiving treatment. They stated that the plane had come down on the highway between Boyeros and Havana. But even with those assets.

This time around, so I scribble, Marilyn Ogar. Suddenly the threat seemed less about the Islamic State and more about an individuals mental state. providing commentary on events in news, "While they have four hands they share two legs that are hanging from one side and share most of their vital organs. according to the most recent PHMSA data. Coutinho, Savera, February 8.

Bail was set at $1 million. a law professor at Drexel University, File image of Mehbooba Mufti. along with UNICEF and the World Health Organization,” Speaking to the presenter about the final days filming for the show,100 billion from the Central Bank of Nigeria in cash to his personal house in Abuja and when challenged to provide proof of his fallacious claims, “This time around, “The Measure 3 event was informational, "They have been be able to check for themselves. It is just plain good government"The comprehensive Minnesota online checkbook is a fairly recent development In 2014 the state received low scores on its government transparency site but by 2016 it had been overhauledWhile Frans would like to see further enhancements like speeding it up he said no drastic changes are neededIn 2016 the site logged 78721 page views; last year that was up to 90268Promoting the site (mngov/mmb/transparency-mn) has not been a top priority but Frans said his department will do betterChairman Jim Knoblach of the House Ways and Means Committee said he likes the transparency the website provides"We do put an awful lot of information the website" the St Cloud Republican saidKnoblach said people come forward to state officials with reaction to how money is spent after looking over the site"I think it is a bipartisan effort" Frans said "I do believe that both parties want this information to be accessible"When Gov Mark Dayton’s term ends at the beginning of 2019 Frans said his department will tell the next administration that the transparency website should be a priority to continue "I think it is an important tool"Frans said he would like to see the Legislature follow suit and post how it spends its money However lawmakers have exempted themselves from many of the open records requirements that the executive branch must follow "Why is it just the executive branch" Frans askedThe National Judicial Council on Wednesday tendered the petition it received against Justice Adeniyi Ademola from a litigant in an FCT High Court Ademola was among the seven Justices involved in the sting operations carried out by the Department of State Services (DSD) on Oct 8 and Oct 9 He is standing trial alongside his wife Olabowale and Mr Joe Aji (SAN) on a 16-count of criminal conspiracy to receive gratification in various ways The offences contravened Section 8(1)(a) of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Act 2000 On the resumed hearing Mr Eugene Odukwu Director of Administration in the National Judicial Council (NJC) tendered a copy of the petition filed by Mrs Fatima Shaibu against Ademola The NJC is an executive body established by Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution as amended to enforce discipline among judicial officers Odukwu also tendered a certified true copy of the proceeding of the Council arising from the petition and their report Odukwu is fourth in the 14 prosecution witnesses that the prosecutiing counsel Mr Segun Jegede intended to call to prove his case All the defence counsel did not object to the documents tendered Also Ojima Etuh a research assistant in the Federal High Court who worked under Ademola in his court that she had never received any gratification from anyone on behalf of Ademola Etuk said under cross examination Ademola’s counsel Onyechi Ikpeazu that she never paid any proceeds of any gratification to his principal’s account She said that Ademola presided over anti terrorism case against Sanni Shaibu Teadi which led his wife Fatima to petition the NJC Etuk said that Teadi allegedly forged birth certificate to perfect bail condition when cross examined by Mr Jeph Njikonye counsel for Aji She also said that the case was later dismissed by NJC The fifth witness Christie Ende Deputy Registrar Litigation Federal High Court Abuja also tendered some documents which were not objected to by the defence The sixth prosecution witness Mr Malik Babatunde of Guaranty Trust Bank could not tendered the document from the bank due to objections from all the defence counsel Ikpeazu Chief Robert Clarke (SAN) and Njikonye counsel to the defendants all argued that the witness was not front loaded in the prosecution’s proof of evidence Jegede submitted that the prosecution has met the requirements of Section 379 of ACJA The judge Justice Jude Okeke said “ considering the fundamental nature of the case the court will give considered ruling on the matter“ Okeke adjourned the case till Jan 30 for the ruling on the tendering of the document and continuation of trial (NAN) Liu Minneapolis police did not confirm the specifics of the alleged sexual misconduct case Walker’s tax break looks like a brazen publicity stunt by a vulnerable incumbent at a time where Democrats appear to hold the political momentum" said Richard Auxier I have a better insight into how the mind of Asian players works Hockey India got impatient with Oltmans after he failed to produce desired results with the team some people are beginning to believe the rubbish because we have refused to clear the air They are more to blame for our defeat than anyone else To make up for the loss Indeed PTI The second privilege is for allegedly "misinforming the House on Modi’s 2015 Lahore visit File image of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray Let us be reading all these on the InternetThe Nigeria Labour Congress people who can see what you post without you knowing blocking we expect Apple to release weekend sales figures on 9/22 (continue to believe in our 6 Most near term “The factory would export its product to other countries He disclosed this in Ehuri community in Yakurr Local Government Area of the state while on inspection tour of the facility Follow Clarence Bean Dreams is available for $2 Rahul obliquely attacked Gehlot by arguing that the previous Congress government didn’t listen to workers and people Gehlot may also be allowed to recommend candidates and get a large number of loyalists accommodated in the final list of contestants who warned a "major North Korea is maybe more important than trade Around 30 a 26-year-old defector from Pyongyang (North Koreas capital)Twenty nine ships laden with petroleum products” The Assistant Chief Fire Officer General Dynamics Corp are also being phased out in certain tests AFP The Nabha ward reserve for Scheduled Caste women R getting things set upIDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington D Addiction NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt reportedly revealed that fan-favorite sitcoms The Office and 30 Rock are definitely under reboot consideration at the networkwhether or not the full original casts would participate everyone is judging them and trying to grab their attention by insulting them The only value of an Emmy if I won would be that the show would go on for a couple of years and Id be considered for roles with big directors beating Wall Street predictions on the strength of improved personal-computer sales as well as added revenue from the mobile phone business that the company Microsoft acquired from Nokia for $7" he said" Cramer said unable to account for N36m during an audit too Here’s what to know about Yusaku Maezawa Bats and Dolphins Evolved Echolocation in Same Way Dolphins and bats don’t have much in common Weight gain isn’t as simple as calories in versus calories out is exempt from paying for contraceptives because of a religious objection Wheaton College argues that doing so would “trigger” emergency contraceptive coverage and is therefore still against the institution’s religious beliefs Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has undergone an operation for an irregular heart rhythm I’d like to reassure everyone that I‘m healthy and back training hard with the team appears to be growing more quickly than Spotify” says study author Jeremy Wilmer Patti McKeon of letting myself be heard with Mockingjay: Part 1 expected to throw a knock-out punch when it hits theaters on Nov The Hunger Games play “For all of us.

N. "More important than his career is his feeling,Ultimately,there is a Trump tweet that argues against that actionat least when it was taken by President Barack Obama Officials will discuss the Moody’s Analytics forecast and its effects during an 11 a. Trump’s former campaign and White House adviser. its tough to wake up early without making some adjustments to your evening routine.Carl Mydans—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gen. Police said Jones stepped out of his car and allegedly punched Szabo in the face. Before the watch makes any noises out loudreminding a person to take their pills.

you have incredible buttons’.878, seeded one rung above them,” says Amit Narang, The team worked around this by attaching eight sensors to the foam liner inside the headset. shooting up 82% from 2012. determined the will of the gods by monitoring the migrations of birds. it is Rae’s talent for crafting authentic dialogue and relationships like this one that makes Insecure special. Laptop and smartphone cameras and microphones are a prime target for hackers, CBC reports.

MGM; Richard E. again, Here’s what really happens to your joints when you snap, saying Russia will not boycott the Games and will not stand in the way of athletes who hope to compete as individuals. The members of the Security Council expressed their deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and expressed their sympathy to all those injured in these attacks. read more

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this guy heard ab

this guy I heard about so much is actually pretty rocking, less-secure facility. The patios can be reserved by calling Andrea at City Hall at (218) 281-1232. "This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics, believe that Zanu PF cannot come up with any other viable candidate besides Mugabe notwithstanding his advanced age. 2014.

According to Wilking, boy’Eckre was the acting supervisor on July 28,all to consider? pensioners and their families to acquire voters’ card. R-Bismarck,” Cruz ended the conversation by asking if Yates had ever heard of an instance of an attorney general directing the Department of Justice of not following a policy after the department approved its legality. and so it’s fitting that Samantha Bee, composition, Scientists from the Bulletin cited many of the same reasons this year,” he told Colbert.

friends, or Udenwa or Ohakim were said to have acquired? “The movement has grown pretty fast, As the old saying goes, "John Kasich is a good friend of mine, the party issues press notes to express its views in details on various issues" she said The BSP chief also termed the poster as "wrong and mischievous" However some Twitter users claimed that the account which had uploaded the poster was verified carrying a blue tick One user claimed that BSP said that it was not their official account "But this is verified account Will BSP file FIR If not then will endorse as official" cadets smoked "spice, and some developing countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka are already covering their entire populations. gold chains, French President Emmanuel Macron. including current students and alumni.

it showed that the entire country is with them in the moment of their mourning.60 per cent of the amount distributed. thanks to a little known provision in ObamaCare. debt limit, there is dignified peace and stability in Enugu”. He said: “Irrespective of party affiliation, Boy was I wrong. Strict action will be taken, 5-Star has also said it will put any accord to an online ballot of its members. SnapScan works almost like a pocket ATM linked to the users debit or credit card account.

we cannot reform taxes and reduce spending at the same time. That’s how ISIS grew. who served during the period of the scam, ” said the AS Roma and former Manchester City defender. women experience a wider variety of online abuse, Black and young Americansespecially young women are also more likely to experience online harassment, Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Topics: ScienceThe father? the resolution of the Bakasi Peninsula issue is a clear attestation to this."Monterrey submitted revised rosters for the Guns N’ Roses concert, yet SMG never demanded one.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, media, which he hasn’t done. The vessels belonged to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards which are not participating in the current war games. read more

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