Security Council backs peace efforts in Somalia

The Council’s expression of support came a statement read out during an open session by Ambassador John C. Danforth of the United States, which holds the rotating presidency of the 15-member body for November. The Council was meeting in Nairobi, Kenya – just the fourth time in the last half century it has convened outside its New York base – in a bid to speed peace efforts in Sudan and other regional hotspots.The statement welcomed the progress made in the Somali national reconciliation process, particularly the establishment of the Transitional Federal Parliament, the election of the Speaker of the Parliament and the President, and the appointment of the Prime Minister, “which provides a sound and solid framework to achieve a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Somalia situation.”The members also reiterated their expectation “of the establishment of a broad-based, all-inclusive and effective government inside Somalia that will continue the reconciliation efforts with all Somali parties.””The Security Council stresses that it is the responsibility of all Somali parties to work together to consolidate the gains made so far and to achieve further progress,” the statement said. “The Council calls upon them to seize this historic opportunity for peace in Somalia by developing a programme of action and timetable for the transitional period, creating a favourable environment for long-term stability and making determined efforts to rebuild the country.”