How to open a beverage store location and success related

in the face of gaps in the market, many entrepreneurs have a strong interest in beverage projects, especially fresh fruit and drink more is the current mainstream consumer choice, drinks to join the project business advantage is quite obvious, less investment profit, is a lot of novice suitable venture. So where do you want to pay attention to the choice of drinks in the store? The following is a small series for the site to share tips, look at it!

if you do is the Volkswagen brand, can be considered a convenient traffic crowd continued to increase the rate of district level boarding. If you do a personalized narrow market, then you can consider operating in the secondary market, in order to reduce the rent and other costs. Goods get together to grasp a degree. When there are more than five drinks around the store, you also do drink, then you must have the characteristics of the goods, take the route of differentiation, as well as brand awareness, otherwise it is difficult to win.

if you drink to shop in the street, the street on both sides of the store not to. Because customers will be more than three goods, and so he finished a circle, may be tired, hungry or temporary, and then go back to your store to eat the possibility of small. Drinks shop to join the Yin and Yang is also very important. In the north, in the face of customers love the street walk, less traffic view. For businesses, the same rent, then on both sides of the road, turnover is two times worse. Try to shop at the local or near groupkey. Because it will step 30% sale. This is related with the flow of people, the customer may come to this corner, this is the guest to no respect. Beverage store location to consider the flow of people will not be stopped by competitors.

? Through the introduction of the content of the site, you have more understanding? Believe in your vision, easy to operate on the money to start a good business projects, join us quickly

What are the operating mode of investment wardrobe store

operating a shop, we have to determine their business model. Some stores in the business, the model is not a lot, which limits the development of everyone. Investment wardrobe store, you can have six modes to choose. Here, we introduce one, we hope to bring better development!

1, store shop

Some local

shop store location and priceless, the poor can only be divided in existing stores, regional, according to the brand VI design required by the manufacturer of small stores, unlike agency, shop in shop must have independent appearance, VI brand system independent, which is 50 square. The store, according to the requirements of manufacturers set up another door, do not show the same store and other products! Brand image to a certain extent by the terminal display! On the one hand, the franchisee will not suffer from the store is difficult to find the situation, the store is not a small investment is also some dealers would like to see!

2, exhibition hall

general factory hall more companies start directly under the central government, in the large city exhibition hall, for customers and consumers to join custom wardrobe exhibition experience, product variety, not only greatly increase transaction opportunities to establish brand image to the landmark building. Large decoration, decoration companies will also engage in a large hall or a brand, multi brand products, the use of the hands of the customer resources, to a more professional perspective for decoration customer introduction wardrobe series and related products, more easy to sell!

3, the couple shop

Compared with the

store, general store shop business area is small, the general focus on building materials such as a street furniture store, for two or three people or so, the general manager, who is also the wife sales, design work, a husband scale, design installation, etc., in the "millet plus rifles" business model form, strength, or development to a certain extent, shop will gradually turn to large stores or flagship store, hiring more staff to take care of the store business, let the closet store business is more prosperous.

4, agent brand store

refers to the original building materials furniture (cabinets, hardware, furniture and other products) store on a set of custom wardrobe model, the customer to make it the wardrobe product out, one to the factory inside. The general brand does not consider this agent, compared to the wardrobe stores, the first agent wardrobe sales volume is not large, the probability of the problem is more, the most important thing is not the company’s image display, a trademark logo related to the product, brand development is restricted. But there are a lot of benefits for the new to the industry, all want to position themselves in the testing phase, in the "little investment, a single, make.

The name should not be vulgar culture with personality

now shopkeepers to name can attract people, a name when the strength of another way, taken out of the name of so many consumers do not dare to compliment. However, in the actual operation process of the store, we can feel the real name, personality should not be a vulgar culture, should not be "pollution" in the eyes of the public.

to do business, of course want to name up eye-catching. However, some businesses affected by the lack of cultural heritage as well as the impact of restrictions, utilitarian impetuous mentality, the name was "not shocking oath endlessly". Like Qigihar this "chicken / grilled shrimp" grill, belongs to the wanton play text homophonic, rely on vulgar names to attract attention, in fact to the public caused serious visual pollution.

in fact, not only is the business preference vulgar, some city also tied with the vulgar panqin. For example, the Jiangxi Yichun criticized "a Jiaochun city", this text wants to play in the city propaganda language skills, but self defeating, stepping on the vulgar culture of the "red line". Later, under the pressure of public opinion, to "Spring City", and became a general food stamps have no place features, no cultural taste "".

vulgar signs and slogans, challenge social psychological endurance, destruction of public order and good morals, especially affects the physical and mental health of minors, their potential negative effects can not be overlooked. Visible, cities and businesses in the publicity, should grasp a degree, not to pollute the public environment. Otherwise, it will fall to the same end of the vulgar barbecue shop.

City advertising and business name, is the essence of city culture after concentrated. Vulgarization reflects some of the city’s "heavy economy, light culture," the cultural lost.

for this, to those vulgar followers of a piece of advice: since you do not have culture, since you despise culture, then no longer need to do in the city culture. The merchant is not ignorant or deliberately confused words, for it is not clear, but this name is intended to attract attention, in violation of the social customs, violation of law, punishment is inevitable.

by name to attract more consumers, so that the business of the shop has become more prosperous, which is the current owner of countless practices. In fact, the name Bo eye, management of some of the stores but no ground for blame, offbeat new, really bright blind eye, shop owners, you long snack bar.

How to highlight the advantages of open shop products

customers door, want to let customers buy, natural need to highlight the advantages of the product, so as to be able to attract more consumers, will make the transaction really reach, will let the shop business is hot. However, how to highlight the advantages of this product, it has become a problem plagued countless operators. So, how to highlight the advantages of open shop products?

understand the functions and technical indexes and characteristics of marketing their products, sales staff is the basic skills necessary, only to have the basic skills that may be the product characteristics as the key to show customers, in order to achieve the effect, let the customer be not of the common sort "willing to pay.

customer’s desire to buy is a prerequisite for the smooth conduct of sales, this is every salesman should know the common sense, arouse the customers desire to buy products to attract customers and selling point, a selling point is the product advantage. Customers only see this product relative to other similar products, will have the desire to buy.

Gao Bo is a salesman of a household electrical appliance company, once, he learned through a friend, a community nursing home to buy a batch of pre order washing machine, so the door selling.

is the Hospital Elder Chen Gao Po reception after the introduction, after listening to high wave clear old Chen said: "we really want to change a few sets of washing machine, but this morning has come three salesman. I’m thinking about buying one. Well, you, like them, leave a business card, and I’ll call you when I think about it."

Gao Bo know, in the face of a few competitors only highlight the advantages of their products in order to allow the other side to choose their own products. It’s hard to say who they would choose if they left only one card.

Gao asked Lao Chen: "you have a washing machine, why do you want to change?"

old Chen said: "yes, the original washing machine used for many years, and now more elderly people to wash clothes also increased, so I would like to buy a few."

"washing machine repair time and energy consumption. So, I would like to introduce you to our company’s washing machine, I think it must be very good to help you solve this headache problem." Gao Bo explained.

Chen not letter, shook his head and said: "all the world’s washing machine warranty period is almost a year."

high wave commitment: our company’s washing machine is not the same, the warranty period of three years, and, after three years will be responsible for on-site maintenance, the cost is half the market price. This is the best advantage of our products."

listen to Gao Bo said that Lao Chen is a little mean

Just 50 thousand venture capital can easily earn money items

when you have no more money, you can use a little money to start a business, and you are looking for their own venture capital projects, the whole network today for as long as 50 thousand can easily entrepreneurial projects you recommend.

men’s underwear shop

said the woman Qian Haozhuan, most clothing manufacturers and businesses will be the main energy input to the female market, the male market has been in a neglected state. The blind area of many foreign manufacturers targeting the mainland market, vigorously seize the city often through their investigation, that modern men bear greater pressure, plus the reason for male shopping psychology, they entered the mall when the goal is clear, is not willing to waste a lot of time to find you want to buy items. Therefore, men open places exclusively convenient has been adopted by many shopping malls, from the special men’s underwear shop popular such as Hangzhou’s "remarkable, cool" men’s underwear shop. Men’s underwear store investment is not much, mainly pavement, decoration and the first purchase of goods. There are certain differences in the price of pavement, but generally 5 to 100 thousand yuan to start. Franchise stores or their own shops can choose.

because the specific target customer, the location is very important in men’s underwear shop. The main points of site selection are: quiet in the downtown, convenient transportation. Although "popularity" is very important, do not have to choose the flow of people in particular the main road, too "Wang" is not conducive to attract lots of customers in the door, but the traffic must be convenient. The best choice in the relatively mature business district, the surrounding young people are relatively more communities and apartments. Area of 15 to 25 square meters, can not be too large. Address should be able to describe a clear, easy for customers to find, so as not to appear ineffective publicity. Some people choose shopping malls in the corner or counter. The store’s overall style is simple and clean.

The main consumers of

What are the current situation of online pharmacies

pharmacies can be seen everywhere, but there are still a lot of friends to develop a lot of drugs can not buy in the store, they feel that online pharmacies are relatively wide range of resources, you can better buy. So, what is the current situation of online pharmacies now? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

one, unable to operate prescription drugs to make online pharmacies lose the biggest cake

first blocked the development of online pharmacies is unable to operate prescription drugs.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? From the point of view of e-commerce is now developed, if it is other sites can also operate the goods, online pharmacies do not have much advantage, the biggest advantage of online pharmacies or selling drugs. It is understood that the traditional drug stores up to 2000-3000 kinds, and online pharmacies due to space constraints, drug types can reach nearly 10000, or even more. In order to strengthen the professional drug business, almost all online pharmacies are like physical pharmacy, with varying the number of licensed pharmacists, physicians, and responsible for solving professional problems in the process of consumer purchase guide.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? The biggest difference between medicine and general merchandise is that the main decision to buy what is in the hands of doctors, rather than patients. And according to the relevant provisions of the drug law, prescription drugs can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. At present, the prescription can flow to the retail pharmacy very little, almost negligible, not to mention the online pharmacy. Without a doctor’s prescription, online pharmacies can not run prescription drugs, equivalent to the loss of the largest piece of cake in the pharmaceutical market.

two, online consumers can not be reimbursed greatly limits the online pharmacy source

online pharmacy drug prices are generally lower than the market price, but from now enough to buy people can see, choose the online purchase of medicines is mainly some do not value the reimbursement and busy white-collar workers. A lot of drugs online pharmacies are lower than the price of the entity pharmacies, but patients with perennial medication is not necessarily choose to buy online enough. The reason is very simple, because online consumers can not use Medicare reimbursement.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? At present, consumers in online platform also failed to around " ", " medical insurance; medical reimbursement " convergence. The reason is very simple: online consumers can not use Medicare reimbursement. Not with " medical insurance " " " and a series of medical security system docking. As for China’s online pharmacies operators, online pharmacies in the spring, may also have to wait until the day of online pharmacies can be reimbursed for medical insurance.

above is about online pharmacy >

Li Keqiang Entrepreneurship needs innovation requires wisdom

innovation and entrepreneurship as a kind of trend, more people know the slogan of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship and the connotation of the real understanding? Premier Li Keqiang said: the need for entrepreneurship, innovation requires wisdom.

in March 5th last year, Premier Li Keqiang in 2015 government work report made public entrepreneurship, innovation, set off a wave of entrepreneurial tide "gravitational waves", especially in areas such as electricity providers, Internet plus is attracting many investors and entrepreneurs. To contact Internet plus, it may be the next ma. While others in the just contact the electricity supplier, but also know the electricity supplier, but I do not know why it is, want to transfer a business philosophy to others.

entrepreneurs need real, innovation needs wisdom. Entrepreneurial innovation is not in the back of others, according to gourd painting scoop". Who copied the color of the enterprise Wang Wang aluminum, Western superconductor, who imitates Ma, who will not go very far entrepreneurial road, because the essence of entrepreneurship and innovation is not copied. Entrepreneurship is the creation of their own characteristics of the industry; innovation, innovation is a new. Some entrepreneurs, innovators "create" stay in the mouth, missing in action, the electricity supplier, Internet plus blown pock – jump idea as if it were raining flowers".

who also do not say their products are evergreen, Wan Nengjiao, Wnt, because the world is not everything, otherwise, how will the magnesium alloy, Aluminum Alloy, titanium alloy and other new materials continue to emerge. No one should impose the success of other people’s business philosophy to others, because there is no concept of the world is eternal, only to fall to the root of the concept can withstand the test of time and the market.

To promote the migrant workers entrepreneurship process in Chengdu city’s first entrepreneurial trai

in order to better help migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training work is needed to do one, therefore, the first Chengdu city migrant workers entrepreneurship training has been established, at present in Jintang county. Policy support, I believe can help more migrant workers to achieve entrepreneurial dream!

3 17, Jintang County Community in Hong Longshan the return of migrant workers training, the training is the return of migrant workers training in Chengdu pilot, is the city’s history the first phase, a total of 100 people participating. Jintang county to Chengdu City People Club Bureau under the guidance of the training, the establishment of a multi-level diversified home business pattern, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of migrant workers, to create more employment opportunities and entrepreneurship.



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How to prevent air pollution in Zhengzhou

lives in rising, but our living environment has been seriously damaged, serious air pollution, people’s health is threatened seriously, how to prevent air pollution, has become a topic of universal concern. So, how to prevent and control air pollution in Zhengzhou?

7 month 18 days, the province’s air pollution control campaign of the office of the leading group of the second meeting, briefed on the report of the Zhengzhou City, Shangqiu city environmental protection inspectors, special circumstances of Zhengzhou, Shangqiu two city are analyzed.

in July 17th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released to the media in the first half of 2016, the national air quality situation, Zhengzhou ranked 74 in the last third cities. Zhengzhou if you do not take drastic measures to achieve the end of the year after the withdrawal of the five goals will be difficult.

relevant person in charge at the meeting reported the situation of the early inspector of Zhengzhou. The comprehensive pollution problem in Zhengzhou is serious, and the air pollution is a kind of multi-source and complex pollution, which is mainly composed of coal dust, motor vehicle exhaust, dust and two aerosol and volatile organic matter. Good days in the first half of this year was only 33.5%, severe pollution days accounted for more than 11%.

particulate matter pollution is the most prominent problem, the main city of PM10 annual average concentration continued to rise this year, become the primary pollutants. Ozone, nitrogen dioxide gradually increased the impact of the first half of this year, the number of days of ozone pollution caused by 42 days (23%), the number of days of pollution caused by nitrogen dioxide was 25 days (14%).

analysis pointed out that increased dust pollution, resulting in the first half of 2016, PM10 exceeded PM2.5 to become the primary pollutant of air pollution in Zhengzhou. Due to the continuous increase of motor vehicles, motor vehicle emissions are still one of the bottlenecks to improve air quality. In addition, Zhengzhou is faced with energy structure is not reasonable, prominent industrial structure and other issues.

relevant person in charge also reported the situation of inspectors in Shangqiu. This year, Shangqiu PM10, PM2.5 are not falling or rising, air pollution prevention and control situation is grim. As of July 16th, Shangqiu PM10 average concentration of 151 micrograms / cubic meter, an increase of 21.8%; PM2.5 average concentration of 90 micrograms / cubic meter, an increase of 12.5%. The concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 is much higher than the average level of the province, and the difference between the target and the improvement is huge.

analysis indicates that the control of annual targets and targets in July, two, the completion of the annual target pressure is still great, we must attach great importance to enhance the sense of crisis, fight to win or die, moving really tough action, to increase efforts to promote continuous improvement in air quality.

through the above information we can see that in the process of economic development, we recommend

Choose a good investment in home decoration investment advantages

hot real estate so that the home market has become the hottest project, the problem of employment has become increasingly prominent today, the investment home industry has become the first choice for young people to develop their careers. Open a home decoration store can get huge profits. Many entrepreneurs see the opportunity to invest in home decoration industry, and now entrepreneurs are more successful entrepreneurs. For those who first set foot in the home decoration industry entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to home decoration chain opened fire? This is a lot of entrepreneurs are concerned about the problem. The whole network editor for all entrepreneurs about comprehensive.

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